Colonial Resources Inc. is a precious metals firm based in
Edina, Minnesota. After becoming familiar with the
practices of many major precious metals firms we decided
it was necessary to offer an alternative to individuals with
interests in precious metals ownership. We believe in
the fundamental philosophies that if you provide good
service at a reasonable price, treat your customers with
the utmost respect, you will succeed.

We are currently living in some of the most uncertain
economic times in history. With political unrest in many
parts of the world, a falling US dollar, deficit spending
and trade deficits at all time highs, now more then ever
precious metals should be considered as an option for
protection and diversification in your portfolio or
retirement account. Colonial Resources Inc. can help
you understand the fundamentals of precious metals as
well as the protection and investment potential
precious metals can provide.

Call 1-800-685-4042 today for our free information
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